Motorola Solutions Foundation


The Motorola Solutions Foundation provides us with funding and mentors that help us learn more about the industrial side of the project, so we can accomplish our goals.



Florida Power Lines help us by inviting us to amazing events such as Daytona 500, to show our work to the public and let more people be aware of what our generation is capable of, and give them a closer look at what the future is going to be

E-Marine Systems


E-Marine provides the team with knowledge, parts, and expands our relationships with the different technology manufacturers so we can build our vehicles with the best and latest technology out there.

iMainTegra Digital Marketing


iMainTegra is a company of digital marketing which helps the team by mentoring us on the marketing side of thing, so we are able to attract people.

Boca Bearings


Boca Bearings has any type of bearings you might ever need, they contribute to the team with endless amounts of bearings to make sure that we are always moving and improving.

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