Solar cat v2

Learn about our first car that we took racing, from the history behind it to each component used.

V2's history

The champion

The V2 is the second race car that was built. With the previous build, Solar Cat v1, the team was able to identify some weakspots on the design and the electrical system of the car, which lead to a way more efficient car and much lighter chassis.

Thanks to all the upgrades that were implemented we were able to get into 4th place at 2016 The Solar Car Challenge in classic division.

And after more research and more upgrades to the electrical system we were able to come back to the 2018 Solar Car Challenge and win 1st place in classic division.



Chromoly and Aluminum Frame

This car's main chassis is fully made out of crhromoly, and the frame for the panel array is made out of aluminum. The car's body was also made out of aluminum sheets.


Our battery bank consists of four Outback 12vdc 100Ah lead acid deep cycled batteries that are connected in series to make a 48vdc system with 100 Ah.

Battery chargers

The batterie chargers used in this car are some Victron Energy 


This car is driven by a Perm PMG 132 brushed motor, and the motor controller is an altrax



 The front wheels of this car were custom designed by us and manufactured with the help of Motorola Solutions.


 Our solar array consists of 14 Gioco Solutions  95W panels which outputs 1330W.


 The front steering and suspension were adapted from a Yerf Dog buggy, and the rear end was adapted from a  Suzuki GSXR swingarm