Solar cat v1

Learn about our first car that we took racing, from the history behind it to each component used.

V1's history

The begining of The Solar Cats

 Since 2012, the solar car team has been building solar cars. We refer to our first solar car as a prototype, as it was built off of a modified golf-cart chassis. Even though this vehicle is not as efficient as our Solar Cat V2, we still like to remember where we came from, so that we can see how far we have made it over the years.



Aluminum frame

This car was built from scratch using Aluminum for the entire chassis and body of the car. The car weighs around 1200 lbs without a driver.


Our battery bank consists of eight 12VDC 50Amp/h sealed lead-acid batteries connected in a hybrid connection in series and parallel to end up with a 48VDC 100Amp/h.  

Battery chargers

Our power tracker is an Outback Flex-max 60, and our entire solar array can produce up to 600 watts.  


Our motor is an ETEK motor that can accept voltage from 24-72 volts.  



 The wheels on the front were milled from 21"aluminium blanks with the help of Motorola Solutions. 


 Our solar panels range in size, shape, and wattage, and go from 55 watts to 160 watts.   


 The front steering and suspension were adapted from a golf cart and go-cart, and the rear suspension was adapted from a motorcycle.