Learn about our first ever electric car and its mobile charging station.

E-Cat's history

The idea of the E-Cat came about after winning 1st place in the solar car challenge on classic division in 2018. The team had the idea of diving into a field that had yet to be explored by our program, the Electric-Solar Division of the solar car challenge.

In this division the cars have a much more restricted battery capacity, require a relatively large chassis, and they are required to carry two people.

Car Specs


Chromoly Frame

This cars chassis is fully made out of chromoly steel 4130.


The front wheels are Harley Davidson motorcycle 21"x2" rims with Kenda motorcycle tires.

The rear wheel is a Kawasaki Ninja 650r rim with a Continental tire.


 The front suspension was taken from a John Deere Gator and the rear suspension was adapted from a Kawasaki Ninja 650r from 2011 


The ME1118 motor

Charging station



The batteries that best satisfies our need were the PVX-420T which allowed us to get as close to our maximum capacity as possible for higher efficiency.

Battery Chargers

To be defined.


To be defined.