with the intent of improving every year, we build solar and electric cars, teach the students in our school more about solar renewable energy, and compete against other schools in cross-country races.


In the future the team would like to teach more people about the massive importance of clean renewable energy sources.

About Us

Team picture at the Texas Motor Speedway after scrutineering.

Who are we?

We are students from Western High School that form part of the S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) non profit organization.

More than a team we are a family, in which we rely, respect and help each other. We let each member decide their role so that they can some what have a feel for what is to be working in the real world.

Checking and fixing the car in scrutineering before race.

What do we do?

In this program we learn about the many branches of engineering, from mechanical to software engineering, and we learn about the business aspect of the program, from marketing to project management. We also participate in a solar car racing competition called SCC (Solar Car Challenge).


 Using all the things that we learn we build our vehicles from scratch starting from designing a 3D CAD design to help us visualize how the vehicle will look and operate. Then we start the building process in which we use the 3D model as a blue print for the chassis, then we weld the chassis and start applying all the components into it. And finally, we go into the last stage in which we test the car and evaluate its performance so we can improve it.