Student Members

These are the critical members that take charge in the construction of the current solar car generation. The Solar Cats core team consists of a special group of students who possess the qualities to perform and successfully accomplish their designated tasks. Please recognize the hard work and dedication of the active members.
  1. Christian Campos
    Safety Officer Spare Parts Mechanical Crew
  2. Collins Adam
    Mechanical Crew
  3. Samuel Canet
    Program Manager Test Engineer
  4. Gabriela Lopez
    Captain Public Relations Manager
  5. Tony Garrido
    Telemetry Route Analytics Fundraising
  6. Ethan Kaplan
    Tools Maintenance Assist Safety
  7. John Ayala
    Electrical Lead
  8. Fernando De Achurra
    Mechanical Lead CAD Design
  9. Astrid Araujo
    Mechanical Crew Public relations Website