Staff Members

With the hardworking students, embracing the critical staff members is important due to the support and time that each individual gives to the team. WIthout the critical members below, we wouldn't be anywhere as close as we are today with the solar car program. Please express your gratitude to the unreplaceable staff of The Solar Cats.

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  1. Derek John Hicks
    STEM Instructor Assistant Western High School Teacher
  2. Mr. Alex Marron
    Technical Advisor Volunteer Motorola Solutions Foundation
  3. Chris Patel
    Technical Advisor Motorola Solutions Inc. Chairman of the Board Senior Electrical HW Designer
  4. Mrs. Christine Graf
    WHS Vice Principal STEM Director
  5. JP Cantave
    Technical Advisor Motorola Solutions Advisor
  6. Brett Williams
    Horticulture and Welding Advisor Western High School
  7. Frank Garcia
    Technical Adviser Motorola Solutions
  8. Micheal Paul Walker
    STEM Instructor Western High School Teacher