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​​ Solar Cat V2​​​


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Starting off our 2016 school year, The Solar Cats worked with the horticulture students and
Mr. Thomas to weld our brand new chassis.

Our choice of metal this year consists of Chromoly steel and the main chassis was welded in the matter of three weekends. 

Without either of their support, the chassis would be nowhere close to where it is today. 

Special thanks to those who contributed to the completion of our solar car chassis.
 Steering & Suspension
The steering for the Solar Cat V2 is similar to the previous solar car.

It consists of a similar rack and pinion as last years, but now has a centered and shorter steering rack for quick turns from lock to lock. Furthermore, the steering assembly has small advantages over the previous one, but is more or less the same.

With the new solar car chassis this year, we also changed our suspension. We changed the suspension from the dependent front end to a independent suspension adapted from a Yerf Dog buggy.

The rear suspension would stay the same with a Suzuki GSXR swingarm and two shock absorbers. As a result, our car should be able to absorb more of the bumps and provide a smoother ride.
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First and foremost, we must thank our sponsor, Victron Energy, for graciously donating some of their most coveted equipment.

Power trackers, displays, and most importantly, their support has brought upon us advantages that will take us further into the competition.

The equipment is not only smaller but also lighter and much more simple to use instead of our previous equipment. 
We will be using this equipment to manage the charging of the solar panels and provide a detailed telemetry system to gauge our car's performance.

Many thanks to Paul Landino from
E-Marine to connect us to Victron Energy, who donated their equipment to us.
As for the details of the car's electrical system, we will be running a 48 V system in which we will have two power trackers managing two sets seven panels.

Our batteries this year consists of four 12 V, 100 aH, lead-acid batteries. This set up is similar to last years car with the amount of space being occupied being the only change.

Lastly, our motor for the car will be a PERM PMG132.
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Solar Array
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With our sponsor E-Marine, we were able to work with our new solar panel sponsor - Gioco Solutions.

Based in Italy, Gioco Solutions sent us their 95W panels in which we attached to our panel frame.

The car has a total of 14 panels, which gives us a total wattage of 1330W.
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As for the construction of the panel mount.

There was a preliminary design in which we welded together.

The design of the frame was meant to have a curve so that rain can run off the sides.

Each panel was attached to the frame by heavy duty double sided sticky tape.