Solar Cats Alumni

The Solar Cats Alumni consists of well deserving individuals who not only met their expectation, but also exceeded in every task that was given to them. Each and everyone of these members has created a strong positive impact on the solar car program that will be remembered for years to come. Please remember to acknowledge these special individuals because their hard work truly payed off for the future of the program and themselves. 

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  1. Zhongkai Liu
    2014-2015 Team Captain & Electrical Leader University of Florida
  2. David Rechtman
    2013-2014 Electrical Member & Co-Captain Georgia Tech
  3. Zachary Dean
    2014-2015 Mechanical Member
  4. Michael Benben
    2012-2015 Mechanical & Design Member Georgia Tech
  5. Justyn Byrne
    2012-2016 Mechanical Member Broward College
  6. Nicolas Buitrago
    2012-2014 Electrical Member Cornell University
  7. Ian Sorenson
    2012-2015 Co-Captain & Project Manager University of Michigan Ann Arbor
  8. Gabriel Brea
    2012-2016 Mechanical Member UNC Charlotte
  9. Steven Thomas
    2013-2017 Electrical Leader Captain University of Florida
  10. Chen Lim
    2013-2017 Mechanical Leader Co-Captain University of Central Florida
  11. Brandon Abin
    2014-2018 Mechanical Lead Captain Broward College
  12. Wilmer Franco
    2017-2018 Program Manager Captain Florida Atlantic University